Frequently asked questions

Why Use Tricor Design Group?

Our design team has over 100 years of experience in the field of design and construction methods and practices. Our firm has created over 20,000 projects in not only Calgary, but throughout North America including Hawaii. Projects such as custom homes in new areas, infill projects, custom acreages, multi-family and commercial projects throughout our history. We are constantly researching relevant issues and serve on many committees involving permit processes. Over the years we have worked with an amazing array of well recognized builders such as: Alanridge, Albi, Avi, Blok, Cardel, Jager, Jaymack, Jayman, Lifestyle, Lindal, Lionsworthe, Maillot, Morrison, Sandlewood, Truman, and Westglen, to name a few.The complexity of your project should also come into your decision, especially projects that require development permits or are subject to appeals. Tricor has extensive experience in these areas.

How do we start the design process?

Our first step is to meet and discuss the project details and requirements. (We have worked very successfully in long distance relationships with some of our clients.)Choosing the right design team for your project is important. You can spend a lot of time together during the course of the project and its critical your needs, wants and concerns are being heard and met. That is a vital component which changes your designs from a house into a home!

Should we find the builder or the designer first?

Ahh, the chicken or the egg!

There are pros and cons to each scenario. If you choose a builder first you are sometimes obligated to use their designer. The questions you should ask at this point is the experience of their designer and their qualifications and you are sometimes stuck with only their portfolio of plans.

If you choose the designer first, you will create your new home independent of a contractors methods and standards and be more focused on the design itself. It may also give you a stronger ability to tender for price comparison with multiple builders as we complete the design process.

What should we look for in a designer or architect?

You should choose your personal designer as you would choose any other professional. Their reputation, portfolio and references are of significant importance, but be sure to interview them in person as well. You will be creating a rather close relationship with them for an extended period of time, and you should be sure that the person you select will listen to your specific needs and requests, and be willing and able to design the home of your dreams and planned goals, not theirs. Design experience and technical knowledge is extremely important, but personality and character you can trust and enjoy is also important.

What qualifying professional background do you have?

Most of team members are registered Architectural Technologists or Certified Designers.

Our architects are graduates of Canadian and International universities, are licensed in various provinces and states, and members with the Alberta Association of Architects.

How long does the design process usually take?

This process varies tremendously based on the size and complexity of your Project / Home Design, Factors such as community / neighbor involvement, types of permits required, as well as your ability to make timely decisions. Timelines will be discussed upon initial consultations.


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