Creating unique and site specific designs has been our main focus over the years. Each project has characteristics that should enhance and encourage sound design principles. Taking the time to develop those features is one of our many strengths.

Each project has many components that are required to be completed, some are well known to builders and home owners, others are not, and should be considered in the planning of your project. We assist in all these processes.

The following are most of the processes we handle for your projects:

  • Lot analysis, site visits, and reports

  • Rezoning recommendations, preparation or representation

  • Architectural design concepts

  • Development Permit Drawings and applications

  • Building permit drawings and applications

  • Construction drawings and details

  • Energy code drawings / details / consultations

  • General drafting / basement developments / renovations

  • SDAB appeals / consultations, preparation or representation

  • DTR consultations with City, preparation or representation

  • 3D modelling / color selections / project consultations

  • ·Construction consultations and Site inspections


Obtaining required permits and approvals from various authorities and municipals is one of our daily activities.

  • Preparing submission applications

  • Preparing required documentations

  • Ensuring all applications are complete as per checklists/guidelines

  • In person and Online submissions

  • Follow-ups process

  • Demo permit applications, preparation and/or representation


Coordinating with other consultants (e.g. Civil, Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Building Envelop…etc.) to insure conformance with the architectural design, is a key factor for any successful project.


The main goal for any subdivision, is to achieve ultimate land value within feasible budget and meeting Bylaws requirements. Our service includes all aspects of the subdivision process including:

  • Land and Surrounding areas Analysis.

  • Examining bylaws and regulations.

  • Subdivision planning and calculations.

  • Application preparation and submission

  • SDAB appeals / consultations, preparation and/or representation


  • Lot  and surrounding area analysis and reports

  • Community Engagement

  • Rezoning recommendation

  • Rezoning Application preparation and submissions

  • CPC and Public hearing representation and/or consulting



In order to successfully achieve key objectives in every project, there are always substantial and mandatory challenges to overcome related to the Scope-Time-Cost triangle before and during the project execution period. With strong leadership, accurate estimation, and detailed project planning and scheduling skills, in addition to effective communication with stakeholders, these objectives can be achieved.

Our Project Management services distinguished itself in the field of construction through merging years of hands-on experience with integrity, teamwork, and dedication. Our services includes:

  • Scope planning

  • Time scheduling and planning

  • Budget planning

  • Communication planning

  • Site Inspections, monitoring, and reports


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