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From the initial design to project completion, Tricor Design Group is here to provide the services you need to complete your dream project.


There's a lot to consider when taking on new projects, however creating an unique design that is site specific has been our focus from the start.

Every project component, including those that may not be well known to our clients or

builders, are carefully planned by us to ensure the project is completed properly.

The following is a list of components handled by us:

•Lot analysis, site visits and reports

•Rezoning recommendations, preparation or representation

•Architectural design concepts

•Permit drawings & applications

•Construction drawings and details

•Energy code drawings / details / consultations

•General drafting / basement developments / renovations

•SDAB appeals / consultations, preparation or representation

•DTR consultations with city, preparation or representation

•3D modelling / color selections / project consultations

•Construction consultations and site inspections

1-Achitectual Design

We'll obtain the required permits and approvals from various authorities and municipality's to ensure your project is submitted correctly and without time delays.

•Prepare submission applications

•Prepare required documentations

•Ensure all applications are completed according to guidelines

•In person and online submissions

•Follow up

•Demo permit applications, preparation and/or representation

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Whether its the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Building Envelop or any other consultant, we're here to make sure conformance with the architectural design is upheld.


The main goals for any subdivision, is to achieve ultimate land value within a feasible budget while upholding bylaw requirements. We service all aspects of the subdivision process including:

•Land and surrounding areas analysis

•Examining bylaws and regulations

•Subdivision planning and calculations

•Application preparation and submission

•SDAB appeals / consultations, preparation and/or representation

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•Lot and surrounding area analysis and reports

•Community engagement

•Rezoning recommendations

•Application preparation and submissions

•CPC and public hearing representation and/or consulting


For every project, challenges are revealed, especially when it comes to the "Scope-Time-Cost" Triangle. With strong leadership accurate estimations, detailed project planning, skill scheduling and effective communication with stakeholders, we ensure no challenge is too big to overcome. 

Our project management service distinguishes itself in the construction field through merging years of hands-on experience with integrity, teamwork and dedication. Our services include:

•Scope planning

•Time scheduling and planning

•Budget planning

•Communication planning

•Site inspections, monitoring and reports

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