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Our diverse team has a wide set of skills aimed to tackle all aspects of your design from start to finish.


We give each one of our clients our upmost attention regardless of the scale and size of project to make sure it's completed correctly, on-time and up to your standards.

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Mike Borkristl heads up the Tricor team with over 40 years of designing experience mainly in Calgary and it's surrounding areas, but has worked all over North America.


Mikes career started very early in high school when introduced to the architectural world by a family member, Arnie Fullerton, one of the architects involved in Mount Royal College. After spending an entire week in his office it set the table for his future career and during Mike’s high school years he worked closely with his mentor and entered several design competitions, earning a win in the HUDAC (now BILD) student house competition, followed by a second win at the post-secondary level the following year.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Egypt, and a career started in the hub of Architecture world unlike any other, Dubai; Gouda has over 16 years of experience between Canada and Dubai in design and construction of various projects.


To date, these projects include: single-Family, multi-Family, med-Rise, high-rise, commercial, hospitality, health, education, and the list goes on. In addition to his passion for designing and building, Gouda enjoys the time away from man-made architecture to the beauty of architecture in nature with his caring wife and two kids who shares their father’s passion for nature and design.


Trish Krause brings over 20 years’ experience in Business Administration to our firm. Trish looks after all aspects of office administration, from phones to coordination of meetings and projects.


Trish brings a friendly outgoing personality to our firm and ensures our clients the best of care from the beginning of their project until completion. Trish has a zest for life and her biggest a pride and joy is her grandchildren.



I moved to Calgary as a young immigrant in 2007 and in my time here I have witnessed the rapid expansion of infrastructure and development throughout the region.  Fascinated by the styles, diversity and construction of many projects inspired me to become an Architectural Technologist. Being part of many projects here at Tricor and watching them come to life has been a thrilling experience, and every day brings new learning opportunities for me. Each day I expand my knowledge and understanding as I pursue my continuing education in architecture. Working with the Tricor team has been very rewarding and the support I have received from both colleagues and clients each day expands my love of architecture. Away from the office, some of the activities I enjoy are spending time with friends and family, going for walks with my dog Pepe, and watching true-crime documentaries

After high school I had several ideas on where my career path might take me. I was working in warehousing while deciding. I did enroll on an introductory program in electrical. I had the chance to do practicum type work in both residential and commercial construction. While the work was intriguing part of the curriculum was planning and drafting the electric layouts. I loved the planning and was hooked. I enrolled in the SAIT architectural program shortly after. After graduation the industry was slower than I hoped and went back to my warehouse job but continued to search. I became part of the team at Tricor and have been able to learn and grow my passion for architecture. One of the things I like most about being at Tricor is the team-oriented approach and the ability to work on many projects. This allows me to be constantly learning in all aspects and it excites me to be part of Calgary’s growth and development. My passions outside of work include outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and snowboarding. I also enjoy watching NFL football and UFC. 


In my early years I was fascinated with buildings and construction. After high school I spent some time bartending which helped fund traveling and exploring, and the some of the architecture I found in my travels further molded my thoughts to a career in architecture. After attending an open house hosted by SAIT I enrolled in the Architectural program. While I attended SAIT I continued bartending and upon graduation I found the industry was in a bit of a downturn. I was fortunate to join the Tricor team and have spent the last two years working on a variety of projects. Its rewarding to work closely with clients and builders to bring their dream homes and projects to life. Every day I look forward to advancing my passion for architecture and my responsibilities with Tricor are growing. Recently I have been given the lead on several projects enhancing my role day by day. One aspect of being at Tricor is that I have always found it exciting taking a finished drawing we produced to the site during various times of the project. Especially the finished project, furnished and ready for move in! Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors biking or hiking, enjoying various cuisines with family or friends, watching sports like basketball, soccer, and NFL football, and to travel whenever possible.

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